Air Pilots Manual: Volume 2 – Aviation Law & Met


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CURRENT EDITION: UK CAA & EASA 17th Edition Revised July 2022

Updated with new and relevant material for the PPL e-Exam.

So many changes have taken place in the last ten years, necessitating legislative updates and the consequential implementation into practice throughout the flight training industry, that it has been necessary to produce several new editions. This edition again updates both the Aviation Law and Meteorology sections and takes account of the widespread availability of briefing materials for pilots via the internet. Additionally changes introduced by EASA have been included. The EASA Aircrew Regulation came into force on 8th April 2012 and these requirements have been included in this edition. As before, unique in PPL training manuals, you will find throughout the text comprehensive references to the source documents and relative section numbers. This will enable you to carry out further research should you wish to delve deeper than the PPL syllabus.

Volume 2 – Air Law & Meteorology

  • Aviation Law, Flight Rules and Procedures
  • The Private Pilot’s Licence
  • Meteorology
  • Practice Questions


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