Rogers Data RD tech® Spray


  • 100ml
  • incl. microfibre tissue 20cm x 20 cm

A nice and useful cockpit accessory that should not be missing from your flight bag! Optimised and tested for you!

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Our RD tech® spray is a nice and useful cockpit accessory that should not be missing in your flight bag as a “daily driver”!

Our RD tech® spray has been optimised and tested for all new Rogers Data RD tech® VFR aeronautical charts – ICAO charts.
So all Rogers Data VFR charts will be issued with our brand-new and unique RD tech®  lamination coating technology.
The great benefit of the new and unique RDtech®  technology is that all Rogers Data charts are almost impossible to tear and can be folded many times. They are designed to withstand excessive use while also being safe and easy to use.
Rogers Data VFR charts have a special laminate with a silk-matt finish that prevents reflections from the sun.
They can be written on using our optimised permanent RDtech®  pens and still allows those markings to be removed residue-free with our optimised RDtech®  spray or RDtech®  cleaning tissue.

Try out our Rogers Data VFR aeronautical charts!
Enjoy flying Rogers Data VFR charts with the brand-new and unique RDtech® technology.